• Body: compact and user friendly latest designed 45 inclined stable body with epoxy finish paint.
  • Observation head: monocular observation tube inclined at 45 and 360 rotatable with coated and well collimated prisms.
  • Nosepiece: simple quadrupple revolving nose piece with positive click stops.
  • Focusing system: separate coarse and fine focusing knobs guided on lever system mechanism.
  • Specimen stage: left hand side operated coaxial low drive and x-y movement mechanical stage 120 x 120 for holding the specimen slide.
  • Condenser: movable bright field abbe n.a 1.25 condenser fitted with iris diaphgragm and filter holder. It can be move by rack and pinion knobs.
  • Light source: illumination builtin base with 6v-20w halogen lamp with solid-state variable controlled transformer alongwith safety fuse.
  • Objectives: coated and antifungal-treated achromate objectives: 4x/5x, 10x, 40x/45x (s.l), 100x oil (s.l). Our microscope’s objectives are well parafocalized to each other.
  • Eyepieces: strain-free and high eye point achromate w.f 10x coated eyepiece single.
  • Accessories: vinyl dust cover, duster, cleaning brush, spare bulb and fuse, reflector (mirror with arc) for daylight use and operating instruction manual in english.
  • Packing: complete microscope packed in export worthy styrofoam (thermocole) case packing.
  • Optional accessories (price at an extra cost): detachable mechanical stage, w.f. 15x e.p, e.w.f 10x-f.n20mm e.p, h.k.w.f 10x e.p, h.k.w.f 15x e.p, huygenien 5x, 10x, 15x e.p, imported objectives and eyepiece set, imported dark-field condenser, usb single eye tube or digital/c.c.d camera for micro photography, wooden box with lock and key.
Sales Office : 4313/1, Cross Road No. 3, Near B.D. High School, Ambala Cantt. - 133001, Haryana (India)

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